South African blockchain digital currency payment network.
“The benefits from having Vasa Digital as part of our team was immense. Ashok assisted us with our digital architecture, but offered so much more than that. Once the architecture, he ensured that the team had all the necessary planning assistance and established processes to professionally and efficiently build out what was required. He gave the team confidence, upskilled them and engaged them in a manner that is above and beyond what was expected. This is a professional that engages as if it was his company, he dives into his experiences and pulls out what is required when it is most needed. Ashok has a strong sense of responsibility with a professional temperament, his process is effectual.”
Costas Constantinou
CEO, Lov.cash

Businesses in South Africa face major security issues keeping cash safe. Robberies and violent crimes are on the rise and only a small portion of businesses have formal bank accounts. Businesses are looking to for a safe substitute to cash.

Lov.Cash is a mobile-first blockchain based payment network. Lov.Cash enables businesses and consumers to use their smart phones to digitally send money, pay for good, receive payments, receive and give cashback rewards.

We helped Lov.Cash:

  • Map all user journeys
  • Define a reliable, scalable and secure technology based on Amazon’s AWS Micro-services architecture and the blockchain.
  • Establish transaction queues for reliable, guaranteed processing
  • Design an Android-based Mobile app for person, business and point-of-sale terminals for businesses and consumers
  • Design the administration portals for internal operation steams
  • Oversee development projects to ensure the system was developed as planned
  • Evaluate the overall project status, performance, cost and schedule and implementing course corrections
Lov.Cash is Blockchain digital currency payments solution to send and receive money without the complexity and cost of banking fees.
Cape Town, South Africa

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