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“Unique mix of seasoned executive business acumen and current knowledge of digital technology trends has been invaluable in communicating concepts and outcomes in a way all understand.”
Brent Fisher
Head of Digital Solutions Shawcor

Shawcor is a global company offering services to oil & gas companies. The complexity of Manual record keeping and disparate systems was causing inefficiencies and operational risks. Shawcor needed a way to rapidly and cost effectively automate each business unit’s processes, better integrate front office and back-office ERP systems and exchange data with customers.

Off the shelf solutions could not meet their unique needs and developing custom software was not viable.​ Shawcor needed its own technology platform that could be used to build low-code solutions for each business unit.

Vasa Digital help Shawcor develop iLINE, a platform comprised of:

  • a low code platform to rapidly create customer facing portals and mobile apps
  • a cloud-based integration-as-a-service solution to Integrate internal on-premise ERP systems and cloud application
  • Online storage solution to manage large amounts of documents, images and digital content
  • Security architecture to manage authentication and authorization of internal and external users

Business line solutions developed using iLINE included:

  • Full life cycle management of pipeline projects from order to installation traceability, documentation, job dispatching, time and expense tracking to invoicing
  • Integrity Management
  • Capture and audit weld inspection images remotely
  • Integrate job dispatch with ERP customer management and invoicing system
  • Display results of undersea pipleline stress testing to customers via an online portal
Shawcor is a global company offering services to oil & gas services.
Oilfield Services
Toronto, Canada

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