Farukh Javed


CSA Group

Ashok has been critical to the success of Salesforce implementation at the CSA Group. Specifically, he deciphered the company’s goals and quickly identified what needed to happen architecturally to attain those outcomes. He is a business-first technology leader.

Modernizing IT for Digital Reinvention

The Context

CSA is a global organization celebrating 100 years of developing industry standards, testing and certifying products’ compliance to safety and performance standards. The CSA mark is internationally recognized and appears on billions of products all over the world.

The Problem

With age comes excessive and complex legacy systems and processes. This was making it hard for CSA to use technology to make meaningful contributions to business performance. CSA wanted to digitize their core business, launch new information products, and apply state-of-the-art to make the day-to-day better. To get there, both the technology and IT needed to modernize.

The Solution

When Farukh Javed was appointed CIO in 2016, he quickly set about the turnaround. Farukh’s vision was clear - technology is to be a source of innovation, not just operations and enablement.


Farukh set in motion a twin plan:

  • Get digital

    • Get out of aging tech

    • Re-imagine and co-create what better looks like

    • Get better at integrating systems​

  • Innovate

    • Explore and exploit emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality and AI


Farukh recognized this was only possible with a sophisticated technology architecture and a well-coordinated team. Farukh requested Ashok to set in motion the “Cloud-First Architecture” and lay the foundation for integration to connect the different cloud apps, ground apps and external partners. Mulesoft was selected as the iPaaS solution.

Salesforce and later Workday were chosen as the central cloud hubs. Work began to migrate core capabilities from aging tech to cloud app modules, one business function at a time.


Teams were mobilized to

  • Find the right problems to solve

  • Tackle the root cause of problems

  • Find good solutions to each problem

The Outcome


Results & in-flight Work:

  • Improved the efficiency of the sales processes by successfully migrating CSA's operations and sales processes out of SAP ERP and into Salesforce

  • Reduced the time taken for committees to author, review and publish large number of standards documents by reducing version chaos caused by tools like Word and Excel. The solution utilized a breakthrough tool to promotes online collaborative authoring.

  • Migrated terabytes of certification records and documents from Box and aging technologies like Documentum, into Sharepoint Online making documents more easily accessible to customer portals

  • Reducing the cost of quality by using Salesforce and Compliance Quest to automate the quality assurance of all testing and certification processes