South Africa

Blockchain Digital currency payment network


Costas Constantinou


Lov.Cash South Africa

The benefits that we obtained from having Ashok as part of our team is immense. He came aboard to assist us with our digital architecture, but he offered so much more than that.


Once he had completed the architecture, he ensured that the team had all the necessary planning assistance and established processes to professionally and efficiently build out what was required. He gave the team confidence, upskilled them and engaged them in a manner that is above and beyond what was expected.

This is a professional that engages as if it was his company, he dives into his experiences and pulls out what is required when it is most needed. Ashok has a strong sense of responsibility with a professional temperament, his process is effectual.


Traders in South Africa face major security issues keeping cash safe. Robberies and violent crimes are on the rise and only a small portion of traders have formal bank accounts –  the majority hold cash for weeks to buy goods and suppliers from wholesalers.

The Problem

Traders are looking to for a safe substitute to cash. They are looking for a solution to pay and receive without the costly fees and the complexity of using formal banks.

The Solution

Lov.Cash is a mobile-first payment network that powered by a digital currency and Blockchain Lov.Cash enables traders to use their smart phones to digitally send money, pay for good, receive payments, receive and give cashback rewards.

Costas, the CEO of Lov.Cash approached Vasa Digital to take over the architecture of the end to end solution and oversee the construction of the project from the incumbent provider.

The Outcome

Results & in-flight Work:

  • All major user journeys were mapped

    • Cash-In and Cash-Out

    • Pay Merchants

    • Send Money

    • Limits and fees

    • Cashback rewards

    • POS Shift management

    • Settlement for businesses

    • Cash management


  • Architecture & Roadmap

    • Defined a reliable, scalable and secure technology architecture

    • Android based Mobile app for person, business and point-of-sale terminals for Merchants and Wholesalers

    • Administration portals for customers and internal operations teams

    • Amazon AWS Micro-services architecture

    • Queues and reliable, guaranteed transaction processing

    • Fully traceable blockchain based payments and wallets


  • Implementation oversight

    • Overseeing projects to ensure that they are being managed and constructed as planned by the development team

    • Interviewing and selecting development specialists

    • Evaluation of overall project status, performance, cost and schedule

    • Analysis of the root cause of risks and issues and recommending corrective and preventative actions.

    • Evaluation of project deliverables, progress, defects and bugs

    • Analyzing time and cost to complete, delays and implementing course corrections