Brent Fisher

Head of Digital Solutions


Instrumental partner, helping us to develop our digital technology programme. Integral in evaluating and selecting the right technologies, setting architecture direction and implementing several of our transformation initiatives.


Unique mix of seasoned executive business acumen and current knowledge of digital technology trends has been invaluable in communicating concepts and outcomes in a way all understand



Shawcor is a global company offering oil & gas companies various services during the construction and operations phase. Their services include pipe coating, NDT & pipeline inspection, composite line pipe solutions.

The Problem

Shawcor, like most in the Oil & Gas industry, ran on work processes that are decades old. Manual record keeping and disparate systems caused inefficiencies, operational risks and lost revenue opportunities. Traditional data collection and processing was no longer viable.

Shawcor needed a way to quickly and cost effectively automate each business’s lines processes and better integrate front office and back office ERP systems and exchange data with customers. No ready-made application package / SaaS solution could meet their unique needs and custom developing software solutions for each business was not viable either.

The Solution

Shawcor needed a common digital technology platform on which each business units needs could be met cost effectively.

The solution was to create iLine – a digital technology stack consisting of various low-code development platforms, versatile enough to meet the needs of each business unit.

iLine consists of:

  • Outsystems – a low code platform to quickly create customer facing portals and mobile apps

  • Mulesoft – a cloud based integration as a service solution to Integrate internal on-premise ERP systems and cloud applications

  • Azure / Sharepoint Online – to manage large amounts of documents, images and digital content

  • Auth0 – to manage authentication and authorization of internal and external users users

The Outcome


  • Set the architecture direction

  • Evaluated and selected the technologies to create the iLine vision

  • Implemented several of the transformation initiatives

  • Composite Production Systems (CPS)

    • Customer portal and mobile app to manage the full life cycle of CPS pipeline projects from order to installation traceability, documentation, job dispatching, time and expense tracking to invoicing

  • Integrity Management

    • Solution to capture and audit weld inspection images remotely

    • Integrate job dispatch with ERP customer management and invoicing system

  • Pipeline Performance Group

    • Solution to display results of undersea pipleline stress testing to users via an online portal