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Transformations are challenging
Many transformations dont achieve their objectives, with only 20% succeeding.

Because they solve the wrong problem,

Projects dont meet their objectives because they solve the wrong problem or realize too late that the problem was misunderstood.
Attempt to change systems without truly understanding how they work today

or don’t find good solutions,

Teams tend to focus on technology rather than finding solutions.
They get stuck in endless development cycles, causing schedules to slip, budgets to balloon, and eventually projects to fail.

or they are unpredictable & risky

Projects run out of money and time because they invested incorrectly.

Most technology consulting firms are unwilling to offer clients assurances on project timelines, costs, or results - often citing scope, requirements, unknowns, and constraints. Even when they do, they rely on excessive change requests to increase their billing.

Here’s how we do it

There is a better way.
Through decades of experience, we have refined our frameworks to guide our clients, and it has proved to work for all kinds of business and IT transformations.
Phase 1
We find the right problems to solve
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We work closely with our clients, taking the time to understand their goals and unique challenges before getting technology involved.

We focus on the most pressing and solvable issues.

We help our clients solve the right problems, and the whole problem, not just parts of it.
Phase 2
We find good solutions, before tech-enabling
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We develop effective solutions to help improve operations, customer experience, products and services.

Good solutions are systems that don’t rely on, or wait for people to change.

Instead, they work by changing the environment around them to promote good digital habits.
Phase 3
We plan, and execute with Skilled Teams
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Predictability is essential to our clients. This is why we are committed to executing all initiatives with reliable estimates of both time and cost.

We value careful planning and rely on iterative development with highly skilled teams.

We help clients invest wisely by doing cost-benefit analyses.

Here’s what we do

And our clients see the results

“Vasa Digital has been critical to the success of our Salesforce-centric transformation at the CSA Group. Deciphered the company’s goals and quickly identified the architectural changes to attain those outcomes.
Farukh Javed
EVP & CTO • CSA Group
As a business owner for over 20 years and a founder, I can honestly say it made all the difference. It will make a major difference in your enterprise, whether you are a startup, a business that has identified issues, or a large organization that is looking to rectify inefficiencies”.
Costas Constantinou
CEO • Lov.cash
"Instrumental partner, helping us to develop our digital technology program. Integral in evaluating and selecting the right technologies, setting architecture direction and implementing several transformation initiatives. Unique mix of seasoned executive business acumen and knowledge of digital trends. Invaluable in communicating in a way all understand."
Brent Fisher
Head of Digital • Shawcor

We work with multiple industries and have done this many times

Industrial Tech

  • We helped digitize the core business, launch new information products, migrate aging tech to cloud apps, and, benefit from emerging technologies.
  • Sped up the deployment of solutions by setting up low code, cloud-first application development & Integration platforms.


  • We increased the speed of deploying new applications by adopting low-code cloud / SaaS solutions and integration platforms.
  • Improved how buying and sustainability information is managed
  • We increased the speed of deploying new business applications by adopting low-code cloud / SaaS solutions and integration platforms


  • We architected and implement blockchain-based payments to help businesses and consumers in developing economies use their smartphones to digitally send money, pay for goods, receive payments, and get cashback rewards.


  • Stood up CRM, Information Sharing & Integration, Portals, Document Management, Cloud Hosting, Network & Security
  • We devised a lean, cloud-first, low-code architecture


  • Established business capability and process models
  • We set up Application Portfolio Management and identified ways to reduce IT spend simplify business processes and operational processing times.
  • Defined corporate-wide strategies and roadmaps to consolidate multiple portals.
  • Helped transition interfaces from the legacy Core Banking system to our client’s new core banking replacement.


  • We helped appraise and quantify the risk & adequacy of the IT applications and infrastructure
  • Appraised the risk and adequacy using our assessment and scoring frameworks
  • Recommended solutions and developed the roadmap on how best to address issues


  • Helped modernize legacy loyalty management systems, integration interfaces, data, reporting, and analytics.


  • Helped replace our client’s legacy Health Information System with a modern platform that included patient admission, billing, EMR, GRN & Stock

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