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Digital Foundation: Having fewer, but more capable tech can help your business grow.

Tech is key for success but too much makes things worse. Firms should use fewer, stronger systems to enhance efficiency. This means building a solid digital base with fewer but more capable systems to power today's needs and future growth.
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Digital Foundation: Having fewer, but more capable tech can help your business grow.

Today, technology is essential for business growth and success. However, having too much technology can make things worse, creating confusion and inefficiency. Companies should focus on consolidating down to fewer, more capable systems to work more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition. This means removing old and ineffective technologies, modernizing what's left, and carefully adding new systems critical for many businesses today.

However, many companies find it difficult to make these changes because they don't fully understand their current technology, don't know what they will need in the future, and have lots of old systems and temporary solutions that make it hard to add new technology or improve what they already have. It's like trying to build a tall building without a strong foundation—if the base isn't solid, the building won't stand up.

Companies need to build a strong digital foundation or improve the one they already have. This foundation will help them make the most out of technology and adapt as things change. It involves knowing what technologies they already have, planning how to align them with their business goals, removing unnecessary systems, and getting ready for new technologies that are on the way.

This book is all about how to build a strong yet flexible digital foundation. Welcome to the beginning of your journey to create a reliable and effective technology base for your business to grow and succeed in the long term.

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