architecture Adaptation

Architecture Adaptation: reduce risk and modernize technology to be more efficient and resilient.

Architecture Adaptation helps our Clients deal with aging technology and makes their IT systems better and safer.
Here's how we do it:

1. Reduce Technical Debt: We develop and execute strategies to reduce the risk of aging systems inside our Client’s landscapes.

2. Make Things More Efficient: We look into how our clients make software and run IT support and operations to find ways to do things better. We aim to improve quality and efficiency without adding extra costs.

3. Cybersecurity & Compliance: We check how safe our clients' digital spaces are, find risks, and suggest ways to fix them. We also make sure they follow the rules and use the best security practices to keep their data secure.

4. Key Systems Roadmaps: We plan out how our clients' most important IT systems should grow and improve over time, making sure these plans match their business goals. This helps them spend their money wisely and keep their tech up-to-date.

5. Business Unit Technology Architecture Roadmaps: We work with different parts of our Clients' businesses to make sure the right set of tech supports their goals. This teamwork helps spark new ideas and keeps the business ahead of changes

6. Application Portfolio Management: We help our clients get the most out of what they've already spent on tech by figuring out what to keep, merge, or get rid of. We also update old systems with new tech to make them better.

7. Cloud Migration: We create a custom plan for moving our clients' IT to the cloud in a way that's secure, efficient, and cost-effective.
reduce & manage risk

Technology Obsolescence and Technical Debt Management

We address the accumulation of inefficiencies and outdated systems and design choices. By assessing the extent of risks and prioritizing areas for improvement, we develop strategies to reduce and manage risk, streamlining our Client’s landscapes for better efficiency and maintenance.
efficiency & quality

Quality of Service and Cost Optimization

We delve into our Client’s software development, operational support, and IT infrastructure to identify opportunities for enhancing the quality of service and optimizing costs. Our strategies aim to maximize value by improving efficiency and quality without raising expenses.
secure digital environment

Cyber Security and Compliance

Adopting a risk-based approach, we assess Client’s security posture, identify risks, and develop mitigation strategies. We develop architectures to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards, provide guidance on best practices, and aim to strengthen their defenses for a secure digital environment.

Key Systems Architecture & Roadmaps

We make a plan showing how and when our Client’s most important systems will change and grow, making sure this plan fits with their business goals. It also guides them on where to spend their money, which projects to tackle first, and how to use their resources wisely. To create such plans, we look closely at how their key systems work right now, what problems they might have, and what enhancement could help. We think about what they will need in the future and then map out a step-by-step plan to upgrade and weave these systems into their business as it grows.
Business UNIT Roadmaps

Business Unit Technology Architecture & Roadmaps

We work with each part of our Client’s business to make sure their technology plans line up with what they want to achieve and where they are headed. This means sitting down together to understand what they need, what's standing in their way, and what they're aiming for. We then sketch out a tech game plan that backs up these goals. 

By doing this, we make sure everyone is moving in the same direction, with a clear picture of the future. This teamwork between technology and business goals is key to working smarter, sparking new ideas, and staying ahead by helping every part of the business to do well as things change.
Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management (Enhance, Consolidate, Eliminate)

Our Application Portfolio Management service is about boosting the value of our client’s existing IT investments. We start by lining up their tech assets with their business ambitions, pinpointing opportunities to merge or phase out tools that aren't pulling their weight. This strategy guarantees that every piece of their tech puzzle fits perfectly with their business targets and optimizes how resources are used.

We also give old applications a new lease on life by infusing them with the latest tech, like cloud platforms and microservices. This upgrade doesn't just bring them up to date—it transforms them into more scalable, faster, and efficient tools that can more easily keep pace with our client’s business needs.
CLOUD migration plan

Cloud Migration Architecture

We build out a tailored architecture and approach to transitioning our Client’s IT systems and applications to the cloud. We aim to develop a seamless migration plan, focusing on scalability, security, and cost-efficiency to boost the growth potential.
How it all comes together
case example

Optimizing Applications and Infrastructure for Enhanced Efficiency: A Financial Services Company's Journey

Our client, a prominent India-based financial services company, offers a broad range of banking and financial services to corporate and retail customers. .

Confronted with the growing complexity of its application and data center landscape, our client recognized the need for enhanced management strategies. To address this challenge, the company adopted an Application Portfolio Management (APM) methodology and integrated Enterprise Architecture with the assistance of from our expertise.

This strategic initiative streamlined the company's systems portfolio, significantly reducing annual IT expenditure. Moreover, APM facilitated the simplification of business processes and operations, leading to improved turnaround times and operational efficiency. In addition to addressing application management complexities, our client developed a next-generation Data Centre Blueprint to tackle the issues arising from the increasing scale and complexity of its physical and virtual cloud infrastructure.

This blueprint, along with the adoption of industry-leading monitoring tools, expedited the delivery of new infrastructure to projects, introduced proactive capabilities for detecting and addressing application and infrastructure problems, and enhanced the accuracy of future capacity and performance predictions. These advancements marked a significant improvement in our client's technological and operational capabilities.
case example

Enhancing Retail Agility by Optimizing SOA Integration

Our client, a leading Canadian luxury department store chain, embarked on an initiative to improve the speed and agility of deploying new business applications, aiming to capitalize on the latest cloud and SaaS technologies.

The initiative was centered around the need to establish a robust Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Integration foundation, setting the stage to enable the retailer to rapidly respond to evolving market demands and technological advancements.

Vasa Digital was brought on board to guide our client through this optimization. Our role started with an in-depth understanding of the client's business and project priorities. From there, we identified the essential integration services required to support these priorities and developed a detailed integration services roadmap. This roadmap not only outlined the strategic steps needed but also emphasized the economic benefits of the proposed services, ensuring a clear and beneficial path forward for the client.

The collaborative effort also involved the development of the overall services architecture and solution design, validation of the integration technology platform and framework suggested by the system integrator, and the creation of an operational execution plan based on Dev-Ops methodologies.

Through these strategies and implementations, our client significantly enhanced its ability to deploy new business applications efficiently, marking a transformative step in its digital evolution and operational agility.

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