architecture foundation

Architecture Foundation: Sets up the architecture function and the digital blueprint for growth.

The Architecture Foundation service helps clients introduce architectural planning into a technology landscape that has up until now, evolved organically.
It covers five main parts:

1. Function Setup: we establish the architecture function, pick the right tools, train the team, and start test projects to show how architecture can help the company do better.

2. Architecture Tool & Inventory Setup: we gather all the important facts about the current tech landscape, improve the data, and connect everything. This step helps develop an accurate inventory from which to plan changes.

3. Business Capability Models: This step is about understanding what the company does best and finding ways to grow using tech. We create detailed plans that show how business operations and tech support each other.

4. Vision & Blueprint: We help clients plan their tech future and how to get there, drawing a map that shows the journey from where they are now to where they want to be with the help of tech.

5. Governance: Lastly, we set up rules to make sure all tech decisions support our client's goals. This means keeping tech projects on the right path and making the best tech choices.

Learn more about our method and practices, which evolved over 20+ years of professional practice in architecture and design.
Architecture Foundation Insight Notes
Function setup

Setup the Architecture Function

We start by defining the purpose and scope of the Architecture Function, aligning it with our client’s strategic vision. Clear goals and metrics for success are established, alongside securing buy-in from the leadership and stakeholders. The right-fit architecture framework is developed, an architecture tool is selected and set up, roles are defined, and the team is trained. Pilot projects are initiated to demonstrate the value of architecture in streamlining operations and achieving strategic goals for our clients.
Tools setup

Setup the Architecture Tools & Inventory

To get the Architecture tool ready, we start by gathering all the important information about our Client’s current state, like the applications they use, the tools, processes, infrastructure, and integration data flows. We then import the data, improve its quality, and connect everything.

This gives us a complete picture to work from. We then connect the Architecture tool with other key ITSM, Privacy, Security, and Development tools. This helps our Clients to keep track of changes to IT assets and make sure everything works well together. It's all about creating a strong base that lets them manage their architecture smoothly and efficiently.
develop models

Develop Business Architecture & Capability Models

We help our Clients build or improve their Business Architecture and Capability Models to grasp what their business does best and where it can get even better. This means taking a close look at how their business works, finding what they are good at, and spotting chances to grow. By putting together detailed models, we connect the dots between how their business runs and the technology that supports it. This gives them a clear view of which capabilities and systems support their goals, and which IT assets will need to be enhanced to meet future objectives.
vision & blueprint

Architecture Vision & Blueprint

Our Architecture Vision and Blueprinting Service is all about helping our clients figure out where they want to go with their tech and how to get there. It’s a map for the trip, where the destination is our Clients' goals and the path is how technology can take them there.

First, we sketch out the big-picture plan - their vision; it’s about deciding what our clients want to achieve with their tech setup and making sure everything they do with technology helps them get closer to those goals. It is about setting the GPS for a journey, making sure it points towards more efficiency, better agility, and staying ahead in the race.

Next, we dive into the details with a blueprint. This is where we lay out the nuts and bolts of the IT world—how all the different pieces - systems, apps, and data fit together. It's a roadmap from where our clients are now to where they want to be, showing every turn and stop along the way to their goals.

Architecture Governance

We help our clients set up their own internal Architecture Governance function; a rulebook for how our clients use technology in their projects. It’s about making sure that everything they do with tech fits with what they want to achieve as a business. This involves setting up guidelines to keep their tech projects on track and making sure they’re always moving in the right direction.

We help our clients set up a system that checks that their tech decisions are in line with their big goals, tech plans, and standards. It's a quality check for every new tech project or update, ensuring everything runs smoothly, stays high-quality, and follows the rules.

By putting this governance in place, we're helping our clients make sure every tech choice they make is the best one. It’s about avoiding risks, using their resources wisely, and getting the best results from their tech investments.
how it all comes together
case example

Guiding a leading global Game Developer to setup their Architecture Repository

Our Client, a leading global game developer purchased LeanIX to better manage its large landscape of applications.

Our client was focused on creating an architecture foundation, starting with a reliable inventory of its applications, IT tools, interfaces, infrastructure, and linkages to those who use, it and tracking their business purposes.

We helped our client gather information from a variety of sources, improve the quality of data, and import this information into the Architecture Tool. We connected and linked the data so that teams could get a holistic view of their application portfolio. We developed a business capability model and linked assets to them to provide our Client with a digital base from which they can begin to plan the evolution of the tech landscape.
case example

Maturing the Architecture Practice of an Asset Management Firm

Our Client, a leading investment and asset management company, sought our help to matur their IT / Architecture practice.

We assessed their current maturity and established a plan to help improve the practices in several phases - starting with assisting them to form and publish their Architecture Vision and Principles, and establishing LeanIX as their enterprise architecture repository.

In the next phase, we helped them develop their Integration Strategy, departmental technology roadmaps, and their innovation framework.

The innovation framework helped scout the market and conduct pilots with promising new technologies that could boost business performance.

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